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Album Design

  1. How to Design Covers and Deboss Files in Smart Albums

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    If you're already designing the spreads for your books using Smart Albums, but don't have Photoshop, you can still make a photo cover or deboss placement file using Smart Albums.

    1. After designing all of the spreads, save the project.

    2. File > New Project > Custom

    3. Email Vision Art customer service ([email protected]) that you want to make a cover for a _________ book (Original, Photo Art or Dulce) ...
    Album Design
  2. How to Use Fundy to Design Vision Art Book Covers

    If you're already using Fundy to design your books, you know how great it is to knock out a book design in no time flat... until you get to the cover. While our cover templates are not embedded in the software, it's really easy to import our cover template to Fundy.

    On step 5 of Create New Album, click the 3rd bullet, next to "Cover Template", then click Select File.
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    Select the cover template you've downloaded from our website for
    Album Design