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  1. Swatches, swatches and more swatches! (New bookcloth and premium leather)

    Name:  Vision_Art_book_Metallic_leather_emboss.jpg
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    I am sharing a post from our friends over at Impressions by Annuj. We have finally received our new leather and cloth swatches. We will soon "officially" release these new cover options but they are all available now.

    The new "Metallic" leather (the leather with the dots) is amazing. Each color has dots of foil embossed into the leather. I have a couple sample books we have made for some product photos and I
  2. What To Do About the Hertbleed Virus

    Here is a better one for a blog entry. Feel free to make any edits.

    Some photographers have an IT resource, some don't. If you have been on any news site doubtless you've seen something on the Heartbleed vulnerability. If you want details on the specifics of how it works (I think it is funny that the site doesn't use SSL). The important item to remember (so far) is that the company that owns the server must take action, you can't fix whether they have Heartbleed or ...
  3. Question #2 of many – saying no - Stillmotion

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    Image thanks to Amina from Stillmotion

    it’s a bit harder to create meaningful imagery with bridal parties because we haven’t had as much time to get to know them as the couple themselves. but instead of doing a standard “bridal party shot” that simply looks cool, we try to do something a little different – and it’s different each time. in this case, not only did we get some genuine expressions of personality, we also all ...
  4. Question #1 Design Time - Stillmotion

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    The "Anne & Peter Book" Courtesy of Amina from Stillmotion

    I was able to sit in on Amina's Platform talk at WPPI 2012 in February. It was titled “How Knowledge of Cinema Storytelling has Influenced Photography and Album Design”. She made some great suggestions on how to tell a story as you design. She took several questions and answered them on her blog. We bring them here to you.

    Don't miss Amina & Patrick Moreau at WPPI 2013 with
  5. expectations... completely surpassed (

    one of the things I love in life is when you hold an expectation… be it of quality, commitment, satisfaction or otherwise… and then to have that expectation exceeded.

    such was the case when I received ben & belinda’s wedding album earlier this week, another vision art masterpiece. there is simply no better example of fine art and impeccable quality than the fine art books that are crafted by vision art… beautifully leather bound, lay flat art books that are truly beautiful. these ...
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