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  1. The World's First Fine Art Book GoProŠ Mount by Vision Art

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    We had a little fun at WPPI 2014 this year. We decided to make another World's First. Why not make a GoProŠ mount out of a Fine Art book and take it to WPPI to see what happens.

    We combined a fun "making of" video with some of the reactions we received. It just goes to show that when you put some people in front of a camera, they will ham it up. It's funny to see the reactions. Even funnier is how upset some were that we butchered a beautiful ...
  2. The Many Mugs of Vision Art

    This time of year the coffee flows almost like books around Vision Art. We figure it takes about 1.5 K-Cups for every 3-4 books produced this time of year. Then throw in the cookies and other goodies our clients send us and you know the secret to our fast turn-around times.

    Actually, the real secret is that we have an amazing crew. Why not send a shout out to the crew in the comments below?

    At the same time, ...
  3. Bad Dog - Don't Eat the Fine Art Book

    "Who me?" - Matix

    Don't you hate when your dog eats your Vision Art book? Matix (pictured above) was possibly a little hungry, appreciated Fine Art books, or was a little bored. I know, she looks innocent, right? What do you do when your dog eats your book and it is an irreplacable guest book? We have fixed the occasional cover with a wrong date or guest book with unmentionable comments from an inebriated guest, but ...