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  1. How to setup InDesign to make a Vision Art book

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    We have questions all the time from photographers new to Vision Art or new to designing with InDesign, asking what settings to use for making a Vision Art book. Here are the basics:

    Open InDesign
    Click on InDesign menu, then Preferences

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    Click on Units & Increments, change the Ruler Units for Horizontal & Vertical to
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  2. Second Shooting with Shoot2Shoot - $250 Gift Card

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    Do you Second Shoot or use Second Shooters? If you said yes, you need to check out It is a great resource for finding second shooters in your area.

    If you would love some great tips on second shooting like what to wear for the guys and gals check out their blog.

    Plus, did I mention we're giving away a $250 Vision Art Gift Card? Not to mention they are giving away a complimentary listing with the discount
  3. Recovering Images from Your Memory Cards

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    Have you ever lost images on your memory card because of formatting, deletion, corruption, or damage? Fortunately, I have only had it happen twice and I only lost a few images but those images could not be replaced. I dealt with it but if I had only known there was a way to recover them.

    I happened to see a Tweet from Jonas Peterson about CardRescue. He said he used it and it worked.

    A card went corrupt on me this weekend.
  4. How to Photograph a Gorilla or Monkey or Orangutan for Only $8

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    Maybe the feeling of coming back from WPPI with my wallet a little lighter makes me love this simple idea, I don't know. I just love simple ideas to capture sweet images or video. Check out this video of an ingenious way to capture some great footage from your iPhone or other camera phone at the Zoo.

    This is much cheaper than the BeetleCam, but I still would rather have the BeetleCam, just because it looks like so much fun!
  5. Do You Have A BeetleCam In Your Bag? - You May Want One!

    If you like animal photography then you may want to check out this method of getting that close-up.

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    Wildlife photographers Will and Matt Burrand-Lucas put together the BeetleCam, which is a remote controlled vehicle with a mounted DSLR. This small vehicle allowed them to get dramatic images of Lions and wildlife in Africa. The project started in 2009 with a remote controlled buggy and resulted in some spectacular images, however they ...