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  1. 2014 Holiday Cut Off Dates for Vision Art

    It's that time again folks, we are ending another busy year. Below you will see our Holiday Cut-off dates to help you plan the next couple months. So fire up the coffee and we wish you happy designing!

    We are always here to help so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

  2. Swatches, swatches and more swatches! (New bookcloth and premium leather)

    Name:  Vision_Art_book_Metallic_leather_emboss.jpg
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Size:  58.9 KBName:  Vision_Art_Book_rustic_leather_cover.jpg
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    I am sharing a post from our friends over at Impressions by Annuj. We have finally received our new leather and cloth swatches. We will soon "officially" release these new cover options but they are all available now.

    The new "Metallic" leather (the leather with the dots) is amazing. Each color has dots of foil embossed into the leather. I have a couple sample books we have made for some product photos and I
  3. Important: Embed Your Color Profile

    We want you to know what to expect when submitting your files to us. Embedding your color profile ensures that you receive the colors that you expect from your Fine Art book.

    It's important to embed your color profile when saving your spread. If we receive a file that is 'untagged' then our printing will interpret this and default to sRGB. This may not be what you intended it to be. Always embedd your profile so we print what you want. Here is a tutorial on how to do it:
  4. New cloth colors coming soon! - Vote & Help us decide - Win a $100 Gift Card!

    Quote Originally Posted by KyleKlingler View Post
    Our 38 different Dulce book cloth colors have been super popular. Originally, we intended the book cloth to be used only for the Dulce line of books (an entry level book starting with 10 spreads with only an available cloth cover and limited to 3 sizes). Then we received requests for the book cloth to be available throughout our whole line, so we did just that.

    Since then, the cloth has been used as 3/4 bind options and full covers. Accented with embossing or a Photo strip, these
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  5. What To Do About the Hertbleed Virus

    Here is a better one for a blog entry. Feel free to make any edits.

    Some photographers have an IT resource, some don't. If you have been on any news site doubtless you've seen something on the Heartbleed vulnerability. If you want details on the specifics of how it works (I think it is funny that the site doesn't use SSL). The important item to remember (so far) is that the company that owns the server must take action, you can't fix whether they have Heartbleed or ...