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  1. Smartphone Pictures Can Pose a Risk for Your Family

    This is actually very scary for the privacy of your family. I had never really thought of the danger that exists.

    Did you know that the photos you take can be tracked and even mapped to find the exact location they were taken at? By using the geo-tagging feature in your phone your privacy can easily be compromised. It can easily be disabled to ensure the safety of your family.

    Watch the video below to see how it works and how you can protect your family.
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  2. Question #3 - Using Graphics in Design - Stillmotion

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    gail + joel love snowboarding and filmmaking. joel once made a snowboarding-camera rig out of a thermos so they could do them both simultaneously. this cover used to be two photos – one photo of the bottom of his snowboard and the other of the church floor they got married on. what you see is the white of the snowboard combined with the floor. the floor is integrated with the coloured shapes that are designed into the board.

    I was
  3. See us at WPPI 2013 Booth 121 - FREE Expo Pass

    Once again we are are getting ready for the WPPI show in Las Vegas. We will be at booth #121 in the Grand Ballroom. There will be over 100 book samples to browse from some of the most talented Photographers from all over the world.

    We're bringing one of our Fine Art Book craftsman, Andy. He is our Custom Order Specialist. So bring your questions and meet the talented hands that make our finely crafted books.

    We are extremely excited to introduce our new Premium Leathers
  4. Question #2 of many – saying no - Stillmotion

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    Image thanks to Amina from Stillmotion

    it’s a bit harder to create meaningful imagery with bridal parties because we haven’t had as much time to get to know them as the couple themselves. but instead of doing a standard “bridal party shot” that simply looks cool, we try to do something a little different – and it’s different each time. in this case, not only did we get some genuine expressions of personality, we also all ...
  5. Question #1 Design Time - Stillmotion

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    The "Anne & Peter Book" Courtesy of Amina from Stillmotion

    I was able to sit in on Amina's Platform talk at WPPI 2012 in February. It was titled “How Knowledge of Cinema Storytelling has Influenced Photography and Album Design”. She made some great suggestions on how to tell a story as you design. She took several questions and answered them on her blog. We bring them here to you.

    Don't miss Amina & Patrick Moreau at WPPI 2013 with