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  1. expectations... completely surpassed (

    one of the things I love in life is when you hold an expectation… be it of quality, commitment, satisfaction or otherwise… and then to have that expectation exceeded.

    such was the case when I received ben & belinda’s wedding album earlier this week, another vision art masterpiece. there is simply no better example of fine art and impeccable quality than the fine art books that are crafted by vision art… beautifully leather bound, lay flat art books that are truly beautiful. these ...
  2. I find your lack of Vision Art books disturbing

    Happy New Year everyone! A new year means a new hope, as in Star Wars. So, what better way to kick off 2013 than by sharing one of our favorite weddings, and albums, from last year. Yes, albums. Our awesome couple ordered a big 12x12 for themselves, two 8x8's for their parents, and a little baby 6x6 just for fun.
    I'm forgetting something.
    There was one other thing that was super sweet.
    What was it?
    Oh ya. Darth Vader was their ring bearer! ...
  3. Share Pictures of your Vision Art Book & get 10% off + an Adult Sippy Cup

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    We have had a great time viewing your Vision Art Books on the Forum over the past two years. We thank you so much for posting these gorgeous works of art. I get to see them on the Production floor and it's great to see them again here on the Forum. They are a great source for inspiration and ideas for other photogs from around the world. Plus, did I mention that we have been offering 10% off your next order just for posting?

    I love the different
  4. Camera Bags To Die For - Backpack Edition (Part 3)

    So it's time for the backpacks! Since moving back from Colorado I'm not much of a hiker or biker anymore. (I need to be though! I'm thinking I could use a little toning up after having my two little ones.) But I thought these backpack camera bags looked like they would be pretty cool if you needed something a little more rugged that you could tote around for a long period of time.


  5. My DREAM Workstation...Ergonomic You Know for MORE Productivity

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    In my concern for ergonomics I found this, the Emperor 1510. I mean, after all aren't you the Emperor or Empress of your business? If you're going to spend hours behind a computer screen or multiple screens, then this is the monster you need. It kind of reminds me of the Star Wars Droideka only without the forcefield and blasters (and no, I am not a Star Wars geek, I had to look it up). I think this thing is just what the doctor ordered ( I think I can ...