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  1. Camera Bags to Die For (Part 2)

    I told you I would be back! (Hope that's a good thing.) One blog just wasn't enough for all the cool bags out there. Here are some more!


    Want a chic little number to carry your equipment in? Get a load of the Circle Print Tote. And it's chuck full of room! It has seven padded compartments and even has room for a laptop. You can fit quite a bit ...
  2. Camera Bags To Die For (Part 1)

    Want a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag and safely stores your equipment? Well check out these puppies! (Sorry...if you're looking for actual puppies you're going to be sorely disappointed.)

    Kelly Moore

    This Kelly Moore bag is called the B-Hobo and not only is it practical and cool ...
  3. VIDEO: Selecting the right Album Style for your clients

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    Image & Design courtesy of Liz Bradley - Elizabeth & Jane Photography & Halftone Media

    This is a really nice video/blog post from Liz Bradley. She compares three different album styles, flush mount, press print, and lay flat binding. The information is very informative in making a decision on what type of album is right for you. Especially if you would like to offer different options to your clients, this really helps to see a side by side comparison. ...
  4. Anybody Using PhotoJunction for Book Design?

    How-to setup PhotoJunction to make a Vision Art book

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    PhotoJunction is a great, free design program that can be used to layout a book for any book company. You just need to set a few preferences for the Remix DIY, and you're ready to start designing. So, what's it take to make a Vision Art book in PJ?

    Here are the settings we recommend for Preferences:

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  5. Customized Jones Soda Labels for Your Wedding Day!

    The Jones Soda Co. is a fun Seattle based company that makes unique and tasty beverages. They have the usual flavors like Cherry and Grape, but they have some very unusual seasonal specialties like the 2004 Turkey & Gravy or my favorite 2010 flavor, Bacon. (seriously, check it out on Wikipedia)

    When I lived in the Seattle area I did some work at their offices and the hooked me up with a sampler pack. What a fun company, and you can tell by the flavors they offer.

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