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    Album Proofer Review
    by Jason Groupp

    Those of you who know me know I've been at this awhile, and one of the biggest pains in my buttocks has been the album design process. I know I'm not alone, we all deal with this! That said, I am on a constant crusade to find easier ways to get through it.

    Let's face it, album design is a drag for us, AND our clients are not exactly jumping up and down with excitement to get it done. I make it my job to offer ways to keep the process as painless as possible. One of things I've struggled with (and the first step!) is finding a great way to share the album design with them. What are our choices?

    -Upload a slideshow using iMovie or Animoto.
    -Use our proofing systems like SmugMug or Pictage.
    -Or, host the files online and send them links.

    All of these will work, but NONE of them will give us an interactive way to host the albums. Then, the genius known as Fundy came up with Fundy's Album Proofer. It's like he went into my head and could hear what I wanted!

    I've been moving old clients over to the new galleries, and completely unsolicited, they've been exclaiming how much they love the new digs!

    So what is it? Fundy's Album Proofer is an online service that makes showing your clients their album designs fast and easy. We've been using it in our studio for a few months now, and they just released V4 which got a major facelift and the addition of several awesome features.

    Essentially, it makes showing your clients their albums super easy. It also takes the hassle out of the feedback process by requiring clients to be specific and detailed. Here's a quick overview of each of the major areas of the tool.

    Client Album Preview
    The client album preview is where clients can flip through their albums page by page, set to music of your choosing. The page flipping animation is customizable for hard pages to simulate a flush mount book or you can choose soft pages for a coffee table style book. It's a clean view that's inviting. Bonus feature, it also makes sharing the albums easier with social media integration.

    Client Feedback Area
    This is the coolest feature of the program. Clients can draw a box around the part of the image that they're tagging and leave comments right there, page by page. This makes feedback from clients VERY detailed and specific, which is a lifesaver.

    Admin / Back End
    The admin or backend area is really simple and has so few features that it's plainly easy to figure out. It's quick and easy to figure out. You can view all of your client albums, delete old ones, delete new ones and so forth.

    All in all, Album Proofer is a great upgrade. The new version makes it easier on the eyes and adds features and functions that working professionals need. Did I mention you can proof 2 albums for free? Give it a try. Move one of your "needy" client's galleries over to Fundy. Share it with your client and see how they like it. I think you'll be happy with the result.
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