• How To Make Your Own Album Templates in 10 Seconds (Or Less)

    Yep. It’s seriously that easy to make your own album templates in InDesign. Just a few seconds, a couple clicks, and you’re laughing!

    You’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars (yikes!) over buying pre-made ones, and get to let your own creativity guide your designs. Plus, using templates speeds up your workflow like mad.

    So check out this video for all the details on how to make your own album templates in seconds:

    A few tips and such for ya!


    • Select the photo inside the frame: A (Direct Selection Tool)

    • Select the frame: V (Selection Tool)

    • Select all frames on spread: Command - A (Mac) or Control - A (PC)

    • Duplicate frame: Option (Mac) or Alt (PC) + Click and drag

    Free Templates:

    We created a library of 20 awesome templates for you to get started with! Totally absolutely free. Go grab them here!

    Note: They only work with InDesign CS5.

    And then get going on making your own album templates! It’s that whole “teach a photographer to fish” idea! When you learn to make your own templates, you’ll be able to grow and adapt to new styles and sizes, without having to shell out the big bucks each and every time! Plus, it’s fun!!


    If you want to learn more about using InDesign to become an album ninja, check out our tutorial — Awesome Album Design Skills. It teaches you everything you need to know to design, price and sell albums, in only 5 hours!! Yay!

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