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Mindy Wallace

Camera Bags To Die For (Part 1)

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Want a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag and safely stores your equipment? Well check out these puppies! (Sorry...if you're looking for actual puppies you're going to be sorely disappointed.)

Kelly Moore

This Kelly Moore bag is called the B-Hobo and not only is it practical and cool looking, it comes in some smokin' hot colors! (Not literally smoking of course...that would pose potential health risks and would probably be related to a fire of some sort.) It comes in eight fabulous colors, can carry a camera body with lens attached (fits a 10" lens comfortably), has adjustable dividers, a removable interior iPad divider, straps to carry over the shoulder or across the body, and many other features. Check out this video to see more!

And for the guys (and gals too!), take a look at the Kelly Boy bag.

It too has the adjustable dividers and can car a camera body with attached lens, but also accommodates a laptop or iPad. It comes in four colors and looks awesome!


The Lola

I love this bag! It comes in four colors but my favorite is the red...definitely catches the eye. It also carries a camera body with attached lens, flash, personal items and more. And it's gorgeous!

The Stella

This bag has a laid back quality that appeals to me. It looks fantastic and would be a bag I would want to use for everything. It holds a camera body with attached lens, 1 long lens, 1-2 short lenses and like the others, can carry more as well.

Jo Totes

The Rose

This bag is adorable! And with eight colors to choose from, I can't decide which I like the best. (Right now it's a toss up between the moss, teal and marigold.) It's a vintage-inspired handbag, and even the inside fabric is cool. It's well padded, has adjustable divider pads with one large divider for an iPad or tablet, and it's so cute.

This is another more casual bag, but no less impressive. It's got a slim design, an across the body or shoulder strap, and there is no shortage of pockets. Even the flap has a zipper for storage! Your equipment will fit safely on the inside, and there's also a large zippered pocket on the outside that will accommodate an iPad.

There are just so many gorgeous bags to choose from. Want to see more? If so, check in next week for part two of my three part series, bags to die for!

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