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April Petersen

Anybody Using PhotoJunction for Book Design?

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How-to setup PhotoJunction to make a Vision Art book

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PhotoJunction is a great, free design program that can be used to layout a book for any book company. You just need to set a few preferences for the Remix DIY, and you're ready to start designing. So, what's it take to make a Vision Art book in PJ?

Here are the settings we recommend for Preferences:

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1. Then in PJ, for Album Supplier select "Remix DIY"

2. Click the bullet to Create New Format. Name it "Vision Art Square (or Horiz., Vertical, Pano)"
Square = 10" wide, 10" high
Horizontal = 12" wide, 9" high
Vertical = 9" wide, 12" high
3. Design the book

4. On Export Layouts, change DPI to 250-300, for Export Type select Single Page, for Canvas Size select No Change
The exported size of each spread should be:
20" wide by 10" high for any square book
24" wide by 9" high for any horizontal book
18" wide by 12" high for any vertical book

If you export to psd, it may make it easier to tweak things in PhotoShop; or just export straight to JPG if it's good to go. Be sure to check the dimensions of at least one spread in PhotoShop, to make sure that it's the dimensions listed above.

If you would like some tips and trick for other design programs, be sure to check out the Design Corner section of the Forum.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Kfoley's Avatar
    Im attempting to create my first album ever and i will be using Photojunction for my vision art book. Just a question as im trying to export my album using your above methods, but an error keeps telling me it's unable to create an export folder. Any ideas? the trouble page only takes me to the Queensberry site.
  2. clairepitcher's Avatar
    I am having a similar problem, I have just downloaded the software but didn't change it to remix DIY , cn I go back and change it? it keeps coming up with queensbury stuff ?