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expectations... completely surpassed (

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one of the things I love in life is when you hold an expectation… be it of quality, commitment, satisfaction or otherwise… and then to have that expectation exceeded.

such was the case when I received ben & belinda’s wedding album earlier this week, another vision art masterpiece. there is simply no better example of fine art and impeccable quality than the fine art books that are crafted by vision art… beautifully leather bound, lay flat art books that are truly beautiful. these crafted albums are such a wonderful way to experience wedding photography… such a wonderful way to ‘read’ a story of pictures… I could not be more impressed. expectations… completely surpassed.

it is a wonderful thing, in this digitally driven era, to find a company that so beautifully brings images back to the medium of the page. if you find yourself considering having a wedding, engagement, or family album made... get. one. of these. you will not be disappointed…

take a look…

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  1. KyleKlingler's Avatar
    Hey Dan

    Thanks for posting! Your book is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your next one. In fact, I have posted a 10% discount off for your next order to your account.