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Question #3 - Using Graphics in Design - Stillmotion

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gail + joel love snowboarding and filmmaking. joel once made a snowboarding-camera rig out of a thermos so they could do them both simultaneously. this cover used to be two photos – one photo of the bottom of his snowboard and the other of the church floor they got married on. what you see is the white of the snowboard combined with the floor. the floor is integrated with the coloured shapes that are designed into the board.

I was able to sit in on Amina's Platform talk at WPPI 2012 in February. It was titled “How Knowledge of Cinema Storytelling has Influenced Photography and Album Design”. She made some great suggestions on how to tell a story as you design. She took several questions and answered them on her blog. We bring them here to you. This is Part 3.

- Kyle
this post is a continuation of the conversation sparked at this year’s WPPI conference. 3 people with the most thought provoking questions win a gift certificate to Vision Art (the book binder we use) for $250!

the question:

from @sierrajenks:
have you ever considered including graphic images (not photos) into your album/book?

• yes. both inside the book and for the cover.

• inside, they’re fairly limited. because we always want to have a good reason for what we do, we often ask ourselves “will this help the story or just look cool”? if it helps the story, then graphics go in.

• but, on the cover, they’re used almost exclusively. it’s not very often that we put a photo on the cover actually. now that i think of it, i can’t remember the last time we used a photo – at least a photo that wasn’t abstract. to be honest, we feel like if there were a wedding photo on the front, people might be less likely to want to look inside (they might assume it’s a “boring old wedding album”). but if we can make it look really interesting graphically in a way that’s meaningful to the couple, it might be more enticing to look at.

here are a few of our recent cover designs with some info on the thought process. given that this blog is two dimensional, you’ll have to imagine the books in 3d. the layout works like this: the right half is the front page, the left half is the back, and the middle strip is the spine. it’s as if you opened a book and put it on a table pages-down.

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filmmaking app

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Size:  13.9 KB angela + anthony’s family hierarchy places the dogs, Pickles, Taters, & Olives, at the very top. their world revolves around them, to the point that a&a have installed a surveillance system in their living room so they can watch the dogs while they’re at work! angela’s favourite colour is green (she actually spray painted her shoes green at one point). also, there were several vintage-themed items & activities at the wedding. hence the colour. lastly, almost everything at the wedding was handmade. this is represented by the “stitching” of the bone design.

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emily made a custom crossword puzzle for anthony with words that pertain specifically to their relationship. instead of writing their names on the album, like a traditional photographer might do, i illustrated a representation of their names via crossword – joined by the Y. i like the symbolism there too, of them being joined together.

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most of this cover is a photo – a photo of graphics. at Pinkberry (a popular US frozen yogurt shop), this is the sign that points to where you get in line. it’s a place they go to every weekend after church and spend some relaxed time together. the little purple graphic on the back is based off the shoelaces of his favourite pair of shoes. their whole wedding was themed around the colour of these laces. so were their images.

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simon and idy never have the same wine twice. their passion is for experiencing new aromas and doing it together. for our shoot, they brought 3 bottles – one new one and 2 other bottles that reminded them of significant moments in their relationship. they had to guess what each wine was, and which moment it was paired with. to read more about the experience, see the previous post. anyways, one bottle was what they drank on their first date, and the other was from the day he proposed. the third bottle, the new one, was linked to today. this cover is a chronological timeline depicting those days – the first date 8 years ago, the proposal 1.5 years ago, and today.

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Coralie wears cardigans. everyday. on the wedding day, she surprised Asa by having a cardigan to go with her dress. it’s just natural! he wasn’t surprised. this is a graphical representation of that cardigan and its sequins.

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  1. eileenblume's Avatar
    I love this post! I couldn't put into words why I don't always like a photo on the album cover, but Amina said it perfectly. I like for the cover to be enticing enough to lure people into opening the book.