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  1. Sticky: READ FIRST: New way to post your sample album pictures!

    Show off your albums in our new gallery and get a discount on your next order!

    The Forum section "Samples of Vision Art Products" that you see here has now been closed for new posts. These...
  2. Re: Any plans to introduce new book cloth colours?

    Hi Soja!

    Yes, we have not made an official announcement but we secretly added 5 new Asahi line colors. But the 5 are not in the pastel range. ( Asahi Blue Mohair, Asahi...
  3. Re: 10x10 - 2 Volume Original Album with White Embossing & Display Box.

    Love this set!
  4. Re: 12x9, 8x6 Original, 10x8 Dulce for NYC Real Estate company -- Blk Licorice/Slvr E

    Wow Kaarsten, you knocked it out of the park with this one! I saw this after it came out of the printer and was waiting to be bent. It caught my eye. Then I saw that it was yours.

    We will have to...
  5. Re: My own book as anniversary gift to my wife 10x10 American Honey Leather

    This is blind deboss. It turns a dark color with our process.
  6. Re: 10x10 Family Album - Lemon Drop Book Cloth with White & Blind Debossing

    <3:) Absolutely love this book! I love that you added the drawings into the design. This will be a cherished book for generations!
  7. Re: 9x12 Dulce Bookcloth Album with Photostrip Blue Jelly Bean

    I sent you an email Julie. It has the instructions in there. Thanks!
  8. Re: 12x16 wedding album - white leather - fuchsia debossing

    Love the color you used for the deboss! It looks so nice with the white leather.
  9. Re: 10x10 Wedding Album #4 - Original Album - Photo Wrap with Silver Debossing

    The purple 3/4 bind is perfect to go with their colors!
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    Re: Photo Strips

    Hi Felicity

    The photo strips are fixed/glued to the cover.
  11. Re: 12 x 12 Black Onyx (new cover) Premium Leather with Blind Emboss

    This is a super fun addition to our Premium leathers! It really looks great with that emboss.
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    What's New in Pixellu SmartAlbums 2.0

    See more features on their blog:
  13. Re: black liquorice book cloth with white emboss

    Im looking for some addition examples but for now, here is one:

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    Re: Number of Album Spreads

    H Kristen

    Thanks for your question. Just to answer you here too, yes, it would be the same price. The books start at 15 spreads but if you use less, the book is not discounted. You can use less if...
  15. Re: 10x10 Original album with photo cover + marketing tip

    Thanks for the tip Justin! That's a great idea! Love your post here, Smart Albums is awesome for easy design. you did a great job with the layouts. :d_canon:

    I have added your 10% discount to your...
  16. Re: 10X10 Photo cover Original fine art album

    Hey Samuel, thanks for letting us use your beautiful book at WPPI 2015! Are you going this year? :party:

    I have posted your 10% discount to your account of ruse on your next order. Thanks for the...
  17. Re: 10 x 10 - Pacific Punch Dulce Guest Book - Silver Emoboss - Vani & Sanjeev

    Pacific Punch is one of my fav's. Love your embosses!

    I have posted your 10% discount to your account!
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    Re: Still Music: S&J 8x8 Fine Art

    Love it! :party:

    Your 10% discount has been posted to your account for use on your next order.
  19. Re: 12x12 - Original Art - Display Box - Natural Cannoli Horizontal Album - Abi & Nir

    Love the square, it is the most popular format. The cannolli really looks nice. I love that cake!!!!

    Hope to see some from your trip to Europe!

    I have posted your discount to your account....
  20. Re: 10x10 Original Fine Art // Photo Cover // Family Album

    Love the family album! Thanks for the post!

    I have added your 10% discount to your account that is ready to use on your next order.
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    Photoshop Workflow with SmartAlbums

    Did you know Pixellu SmartAlbums® works seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop®? Below is a short demo of how to easily integrate your Photoshop workflow into SmartAlbums for fast and easy album design.
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    Re: 10x10 Wedding Premium Leather

    Ahhh, I missed that! :stupid: Love it!
  23. Re: 10x10 Original album - Sand Beige leather cover

    Wow, the color of the dresses is gorgeous! <3:) Thank you for the post! I have added your 10% discount to your account that you can use on your next order. :dance:
  24. Re: 12x12 Original Book with cool night images

    This is absolutely beautiful! That night shot is great!

    Are you going to WPPI this year Alex?

    I have added your 10% discount to your account. Thanks!
  25. Re: 12 x 12 fine art book with calligraphy blind embossing on Rock Candy cover

    This is just gorgeous! :glasses-cool: How did you make the emboss font? Is that something you designed? Superman cufflinks are the best! :darth:

    Your 10% discount has been added to your account....
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