My Name is Keith Heptinstall of Charis Photography.

I joined Vision Art shortly after i started my wife and i started my company. We had other albums to choose from along with Vision Art. We wanted our clients to have choices....apparently they didnt need them. Every wedding package that came with an album....they all chose Vision Art. We now offer nothing but Vision Art Albums. Our clients are so impressed with the quality and look of the album that they dont want anything else, to be honest, its so easy to upload, neither do we...once they have your information. The process is so simple. Log in: drag and drop the folder and walk away. All you need to do is make sure you have your company name and size of the album in the file name (charis photography 10x10)....thats it!

The service is unbelieveable. Anytime there's a questionable problem they call and/or email by the next day. If the printing changes anything in the design, they call. And the turn around time from the time i send the album until the time i get it never spans more than 6 weeks...usually only taking about 4...Awesome company..

I would suggest to anyone looking to try a new album company, try Vision Art...Get the discounted sample'll be sold.

If you have any questions about this company contact me through my website above.

Thanks guys are AWESOME...and you help me look good with my clients!