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Thread: Those looking for an album company

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    Default Those looking for an album company

    My Name is Keith Heptinstall of Charis Photography.

    I joined Vision Art shortly after i started my wife and i started my company. We had other albums to choose from along with Vision Art. We wanted our clients to have choices....apparently they didnt need them. Every wedding package that came with an album....they all chose Vision Art. We now offer nothing but Vision Art Albums. Our clients are so impressed with the quality and look of the album that they dont want anything else, to be honest, its so easy to upload, neither do we...once they have your information. The process is so simple. Log in: drag and drop the folder and walk away. All you need to do is make sure you have your company name and size of the album in the file name (charis photography 10x10)....thats it!

    The service is unbelieveable. Anytime there's a questionable problem they call and/or email by the next day. If the printing changes anything in the design, they call. And the turn around time from the time i send the album until the time i get it never spans more than 6 weeks...usually only taking about 4...Awesome company..

    I would suggest to anyone looking to try a new album company, try Vision Art...Get the discounted sample'll be sold.

    If you have any questions about this company contact me through my website above.

    Thanks guys are AWESOME...and you help me look good with my clients!

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    I second that !

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    Post I'm looking for a company....

    My hubby has spoken with the owner of the company and we've received info about the vision art books, but I'm not convinced yet. What makes this companys books better than the ones I've seen other photographers offering at local trade shows?

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    Which companies are you talking about? For instance, Graphi Studio I've heard there have been quality problems, changes take forever (as they're in Italy), there's a language barrier, etc. and I have one of their sample books I was trying to sell and it just wasn't working for me...I wasn't "feeling it". Then on a recommendation of a fellow photographer I tried VisionArt and I LOVE my new sample album. I have my first client meeting since getting it and I'm going to show it in place of my old's that stunning.

    Also, I tried the albums from Pictage and they were nowhere NEAR as nice as the VA books.

    Any other questions? I'm just still so excited about this album - and I only got it yesterday. I feel like I can really sell this to my clients, versus the Graphi album that seemed to scare them for some reason!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    My hubby has spoken with the owner (?) of the company and we've received info about the vision art books, but I'm not convinced yet. What makes this companys books better than the ones I've seen other photographers offering at local trade shows?
    I agree with Lisa. I would love to know who you are comparing VA to in that you call them similar to the other books at trade shows. I have been around this buisness for a long time and there is TRUELY no one out there that even comes close to the fine art Vision art book. They are heads and shoulders above anything else out there. Now for the amazing part that I can't wrap my brain around...THEY ARE ALSO ONE OF THE LOWEST PRICED BOOK OUT THERE!!! Seriously, if these books were twice the cost I would still be getting them! They are that good! (Jim & Joanie PLEASE DO NOT READ THE PART ABOUT A PRICE INCREASE!!!)

    Please let us know which companies you are trying to put on par with Vision art. I've seen them all and I have yet to see anything comparable!


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    I so totally agree with everyone who says Vision is the way to go. If people are telling you other album companys then they have never had a vision album. Vision albums sell themselves and they sell you as a photographer. They are amazing. Plus if you ever need to talk to an owner you will Jim and Joanie are real people and will get on the phone with you. I have never had an issue that was their fault....only me being crazy.
    Plus they care...if something is going to be cut...they write or call you to let you know...WHO does that anymore??
    Once you are part of the Vision Art family you won't want to go anywhere else....and that is the truth. We have been with Vision Art for 4 years and unless they tell me they don't want me anymore....I will always be with them...because they ROC !!

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    Default Oops

    Its not only the quality of the album that stands out but the thing that i absolutely love is that they've caught mistakes that ive made...for example just a week ago i had them do a new sample album for us and the brides bra strap was showing, not alot but noticeable, only i didnt notice it because i was in a hurry to get it done. They called me and told me.

    Had they printed that it exactly as i had ordered it, it would not have been professional on my part. Realizing that, ive taken steps to try and insure that that wuldnot happen on my end from the start, but thanks to Vision Art, I didnt have to learn the hard way. Not only did they help me and over all, my business, they also stopped me from have to spend money in a second album due to a stupid mistake.

    I realize that there will from time to time be mistakes sometime but i have alot of peace in the fact that they are watching out for me and my business.

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    ditto on what charis said.

    I've been in business for about 14 years. In that time I've received some very good customer service, and some pretty bad customer service from my album companies.

    The very first book I sent in had a design flaw that was my error. I got a call the morning after I uploaded the book, and they explained the issue and asked if it was intentional or if I wanted to upload a replacement page.

    Ordered three books so far, and have been pleased with all three on quality. Vision art is a unique look in books. And great customer service.

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    Just a follow up on the album...I just booked a wedding this weekend and largely part due to the fact that she loved an album we did for a client of ours/friend of hers. People love these things!

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    Default Those looking for an album company

    I'm new to the forum but not to VA.

    I've been working with Vision Art for about 18-24 months, and 2/3 of my clients love the Vision Art book I offer over another vendor's more traditional leather cover with thicker pages. Now that VA is offering the thicker pages and they already have the leather cover, they may be looking at getting ALL of my album orders from now on.

    I, too, have had Jim call me personally when something in a design didn't seem quite right to him. I don't know anyone else who would do that! And I've been with my print lab for over six years!

    The only other thing I can say is that, if you think your design looks great on your computer monitor, you haven't seen anything until you get the finished book in your hands! Every client has been beyond thrilled. And the customer service is incomparable.

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    Default Re: Those looking for an album company

    I've been selfishly holding off posting this because I don't want my local competitors to carry the same books. (shame on me) I'm based out of Chicago and our website is

    Been working with VA for a couple of years now. There's not enough words to describe their products and also equally important, the order experience. Their customer service team is top notch! They look out for your interest (even when you screw up) and they get things done fast, period! (They repaired one of my errors and turned it around in 3 days!)

    While other album vendors just want to mass print your books like a factory, VA truly cares about your work as a photographer and I think that is the biggest difference. High quality unique books combined with superb customer service, that's a winner!

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    Default Re: Those looking for an album company

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all the books I have ordered... I could not be happier with the service and/or product! Thanks Vision Art!!!

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    Vision Art is brilliant and the customer service rivals that of KISS! If anyone has ordered from KISS, you know what I'm talking about when I say that the customer service is amazing. Vision Art has called me about printing albums that had small errors due to the exporting of files through InDesign. I didn't catch it on my end, but they held off printing (which saved me a TON because I would have had to re-order 3 books) so that I could re-send the pages without the transcript/exporting errors. Their customer service is amazing - real people, real friendly, awesome QA -even when it's your fault!

    I have ordered from Graphi, Finao, KISS, etc. and my Vision Art books sell the best/most. I use them for engagement albums, senior albums, and wedding/parent albums. They are the best! I LOVE Vision Art Books!!!

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    Default Re: Those looking for an album company

    Good to know! I am thinking of getting my first sample album.

    Question. Do these albums qualify as high end, like Queensberry, or somewhere in the middle with Blurb being low end?

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