Show off your albums in our new gallery and get a discount on your next order!

The Forum section "Samples of Vision Art Products" that you see here has now been closed for new posts. These beautiful examples of albums from around the world will still live here. But we have something new to share with you!

For years, we've been inspired by you, our talented and innovative customers, who have created thousands of stunning Vision Art heirloom books. We're proud to launch our new Gallery section ( for you to showcase your beautiful work! This replaces the forum site that we have used for so many years. As a thank you for sharing your projects with us and our followers, we will offer one credit (worth 10% off your next order) for every project you post to the gallery. We're always excited to see your next project!

How can I sign up?

If you are an existing customer, you're all set! Just visit the Gallery link, and click "ADD GALLERY" to create a new gallery post.

If you are not an existing customer, create a new user account by clicking LOG IN. Visionart staff will review your account information to make sure you are a qualified photographer or designer and activate your account. You'll then have access to the gallery, order form, design templates and price list. In order to post a gallery, we also require that you add a user image to your account so that our viewers' experience is consistent.

What do I need to post?

Post at least five photographs that showcase various aspects of your Visionart book. Angles might include creative shots of the cover, embossing, or your favorite spreads! The galleries are browser responsive and can be viewed at large widths, so we recommend posting images that are at least 2000px wide (Max 5000px wide).

How do I get credit?

Once you submit your gallery post, Visionart staff will review your post for eligibility. If it is approved, your unique coupon code will be allotted an additional credit and your gallery will go live to the public. Gallery posts that repeat a previously credited gallery are not eligible for additional credit.

How do I find my coupon code?

Once assigned by Visionart staff, your unique coupon code will appear underneath the title and description of each of your posts. You can use this code during the checkout phase of your next order. Use the same code for the lifetime of your account as your "CREDITS ISSUED" quantity accumulates. This information is visible only to you.

How do I know how many credits I have?

Your issued and unused credit amounts appear underneath the title and description of each of your posts. They also appear on the main page of the dashboard of the MY ACCOUNT page. This information is visible only to you.

How can I check the status of my gallery posts?

Each post will display its current status underneath the title and description. Additionally, you can go to the Gallery section, then click on "MY GALLERIES". Your gallery posts will appear in two categories: "CREDITED" and "PENDING APPROVAL". If a post appears as "CREDITED" but is not showing in the live gallery grid, please contact us to resolve the issue. This information is visible only to you.

What does the discount apply to?

The discount is 10% off the full order and applies to all products.

Once you have added your pictures to the Gallery, make sure you share them on social media and your blog. Looking forward to seeing what you're up to!