For anyone that missed the webinar from Thursday October 14, 2010, here it is.

If you want some great tips on deisgning, learning how to spend less time designing, and more time shooting, be sure to watch the video.

Here is what the webinar covers:

The webinar covers how to use the album design tool, Album DS with Vision Art's line of products.

Album DS works right inside of Photoshop to produce stunning album pages in a fraction of the time it would take to otherwise create album products. It has the benefit of working from within Photoshop and you still get all of Photoshop's power combined with Album DS automation.

You have access to all PS filters, actions etc. but can now do things like resize a whole album to fit a new album size (think parent/companion albums), you can search the included 800+ templates in seconds to find the ones that match how many photos you want to use. You can also freehand design or modify any template, plus you can even convert templates you already own for use with Album DS.

Album DS already has all of Vision Art products included with the software and a 30 day fully functional demo that will let you make real non-watermarked products you can print with us is available at

This webinar will show you how to use Album DS and even how to get your designs uploaded to us.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn how to design faster yet better products that can lead to an increased bottom line.