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Thread: Video Showing VA Books

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    Default Video Showing VA Books

    I am still new to Vision Art Books. But when I was doing some research online I came across this video on YouTube from another photographer. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share.

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    Default 2 Weeks?


    Thanks for the video. But that must be an old video! The photographer mentioned that it took 2 weeks to get his book...I never have had to wait that long! In fact once it was 3 days!!!!

    But it is nice to see a video. How did you do that?


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    Default Re: Video Showing VA Books

    Lol, that's our video! We're located in Canada, so with customs and such it does usually take that long Compared to most companies in the States, that's crazy fast!!! VisionArt rocks

    Man, can't believe that video is still popping up! You are correct, it is a few years old now!!

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    Rob this is a great video

    Thanks for sharing it.


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    Default Re: Video Showing VA Books

    Still a great video. I am new to Vision Art and just getting acquainted with the products.
    Thanks Rob.

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